White hat

Hello there

You are probably here because you might get an email from :- whitehat@dbhatt.org

Well , do not freak out just take long breath and read with a peaceful mind, Everything is fine and will be fine . Nothing to worry.So first things first.

What is white hat

The term “white hat” in Internet slang refers to an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies that ensures the security of an organization’s information systems.

Basically, white hat hacker is a good person with good intentions. When white hat hacker founds vulnerability it analyze,produce reports , generates demos and informs the authorized persons of organization with suggestions.

White hat hackers never take advantage,disclose or make money from any variability found .

We do not seek public recognition or awards. We are just accepting appreciation or recommendation letter because we are just beginning our journey . Within few time frame we will stop requesting letter . However this white hat will likely to spark from time to time in dark rooms like flash.

Do we share data ? NO.

No ,By any means we do not share, sell or disclose any data in any way in any manner.However we will likely to disclose data with owner or authorized person from particular organization.

Whatever data we have will be deleted from our end within maximum 30 days. Including but not limited to all local and server data.

What ever demo is provided is not available to the general public and protected by username and password.And transmitted with encrypted over the internet including data transmitted to server and from server.

What Do we want

Nothing , We wish every entity best, bright and secure future , we do not ask for any financial fervor. even if you want to provide we won’t take it.

We give legal guarantee that we will never disclose any details with any third party from our end.

Are we open for service ? NO

No , We are providing suggestions. But that does not mean we will work for you, unless you have specific recommendations from anyone close to us. If you have any recommendations then it will be free of cost (without any financial transaction ).

Even without recommendation you are likely to have Penetration Testing result , Audits / Assessments reports , Vulnerability Scans and Suggestions for Improvement data in your first email. And that’s all your IT team needs.

What kind of favor we accept

We request (which can be denied or ignored ) to provide appreciation letter. Usually organization are not likely to provide this on letterhead, if that is the case then we also accept recommendation letter.

We do not accept any kind of other favor in any way in any manner.If asked more than letter by anyone please inform us immediately at abuse@dbhatt.org