How to start online streaming CRS

Once organization desires to start online streaming then they have to provide one or two NOC (no objection certificates ) depend on organization needs , Out of two NOC one needed for online streaming (needed only when using streaming services) and second for Android application ( needed only organization want to put application on google play store ).

NOC must be signed by Director or Station in charge or equivalent or senior authority . NOC must be notarized or completed franking from proper authority . Speed Post charges must be provided by organization.

When and if organization want to provide credit to Devdatt Bhatt then and only then organization can enter into mou and provide certificates for application and streaming service otherwise that is not necessary.

I Devdatt Bhatt thankful to not only GOVERNMENT OF INDIA but also GSRTC and INDIAN RAILWAYS and this is my way to say thank you or NAMASTE .

Please have this drafts for NOC and MOU. Please feel free to edit according to organization needs .

Additional Chinese equipment fees

  • If any part or department of organization or staff of organization are using Chinese products like computers , smartphone , printers or projectors then it meas organization using Chinese product
  • If any organization want to continue purchase and use Chinese products then they have to pay described amount .
  • If any organization promise to reduce and stop buying their local or non-Chinese products then this “Additional Chinese equipment fees” will reduced to 500/-INR
  • Additional Chinese equipment fees is not paid to me this goes to local government or NGO or education institute (must not affiliated with you).
  • If organization located outside of INDIA then this fees goes to any of your local government fund or any other NGO with only exception “Do not paid to your self”
Location Of OrganizationFees PayableFees payable to
Within Gujarat5000/-INRGovernment Of Gujarat or
Government of INDIA
Outside of Gujarat
Within INDIA
7000/-INRLocal Government or
Government OF INDIA
Outside INDIA10000/-INRLocal government Or NGO
additional fees structure for organization who want to continue using Chinese equipment

This fees is payable on monthly basis and payable until MOU exist with “DEVDATT BHATT”. Once MOU ended you are no longer require to pay this fees.

Also note that minimum time duration for MOU is 3 Months. Afterword anyone can discontinue MOU , If this is the case all of installation will work but goes un-managed .

Services which not migrated to local and hosted over cloud will be lost at then end of MOU , in order to prevent that organizations must transfer deployment to local infrastructure or their own cloud ( bill paid by organization ).

In case you decide to stop using Chinese equipment this fees is going to be change as described below

Location Of OrganizationFees PayableFees payable to
Within Gujarat500/-INRGovernment Of Gujarat or
Government of INDIA or
NGO or Education Institutes
Outside of Gujarat
Within INDIA
1000/-INRLocal Government or
Government OF INDIA or
NGO or Education Institutes
Outside INDIA5000/-INRLocal government or
NGO or Education Institutes
additional fees structure for organization who want to reduce and stop use of Chinese equipment

Janvani 91.2 FM

Best Community radio station in entire Gujarat . this radio station is serving and streaming contents from any ware to every ware . Staff is very open minded and eager to push boundary not only in service of community but also for technical implementation of technology.

I believe Radio  Janvani 91.2 FM is only community radio station which supports app localization so that local people can integrate them self and get good service from radio station .

App will soon available to google play store and how ever any one can download apk (Android setup) files from below or listen radio online .

I wish JAU , janvani Radio and other department of JAU good fortune and success in future to come.

public page

Terms and Condition – TC(CRS only)

By using our services you as client are agree to following things.

  • Devdatt S. Bhatt or Devdatt Bhatt or Devdatt means the the proprietor which provides streaming and other services.
  • Radio Station means the legal entity authorized and approved by the government of INDIA to transmit or stream voice over the airwaves and online streaming.
  • Terms and condition means this document which describes the condition which needed to follow by Radio Station to get the streaming and other services.
  • Radio Station are granting MR.DEVDATT S BHATT non-transferable and non-exclusive permission stream content over internet until written notice.
  • Radio Station have rights and responsibility over content transmitted and devdatt bhatt have rights and responsibility over streaming services and android application (content of steaming not included).
  • There will be no claims ,complaints or any obligation against Devdatt S. Bhatt or their employees, agents , partners , officers and affiliated companies from Radio station.
  • Feature and service request are processed carefully and warmly welcomed.
  • Only 5GB of server space(online songs storage space over server with auto dj software ) will be allocated to the Radio Station.
  • Bit rate of radio stream must be  64/- Kbps or lower or service will be terminated after notice.
  • We have all right to terminate our services at our will.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change anytime. we have right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice , It’s your responsibility to check from time to time.

Before moving foreword please check our test stream in web player and on public page

Or you can Listerine on public page

Want to start online steaming please follow this link

Community Radio Stations (CRS)

Radios are an awesome tool to listen , learn and serve . Since honorable P.M. Shri Narendra D. Modi started “Mann ki baat” on radio, popularity of radio has began to rise ever since.

In general commercial radio stations have big investment and large profit margins to manage different services and have technological edge over community radio stations (CRS). They have teams and resources and motive to manage and improve digital services.

Upon closer examination ,I found there are non-profit radios which service communities since years. Without any expectation they operated and served INDIA. Touching heart of local community and give power to voice not only by radio but also by goodwill.

Time has come to rise , not only to match shoulder to shoulder but go ahead and carve new path on technological enhancements. We always have the capability to stand, It is just a matter of will.

Time has come to rise , not only to match shoulder to shoulder but go ahead and carve new path on technological enhancements. We always have the capability to stand, It is just a matter of will.

I think I can help all CRS of Gujarat by bringing them online. According to website ,a 64 kbps stream for 100/- listener need to transfer data about 1977.54/- GB. This is too much for community radio station to handle . Not only that in peak hours they need to boost bandwidth according to need. There is so much more to describe here but let’s move on.

SoI decided to provide this service to all community radio stations of Gujarat. All they need to do is provide No objection certificate (NOC) and setup device on their own side that’s all ,they are good to go. If any CRS go to other service provider It will cost anything between 5000/- to 21,000/- rupee per year minimum. I would like to offer better service for free. So if you are a community radio station and interested to come online and reach audience around the word please contact us.

Organization can embed live stream like this in their website like this

Or can have dedicated page or website like this

White hat

Hello there

You are probably here because you might get an email from :-

Well , do not freak out just take long breath and read with a peaceful mind, Everything is fine and will be fine . Nothing to worry.So first things first.

What is white hat

The term “white hat” in Internet slang refers to an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies that ensures the security of an organization’s information systems.

Basically, white hat hacker is a good person with good intentions. When white hat hacker founds vulnerability it analyze,produce reports , generates demos and informs the authorized persons of organization with suggestions.

White hat hackers never take advantage,disclose or make money from any variability found .

We do not seek public recognition or awards. We are just accepting appreciation or recommendation letter because we are just beginning our journey . Within few time frame we will stop requesting letter . However this white hat will likely to spark from time to time in dark rooms like flash.

Do we share data ? NO.

No ,By any means we do not share, sell or disclose any data in any way in any manner.However we will likely to disclose data with owner or authorized person from particular organization.

Whatever data we have will be deleted from our end within maximum 30 days. Including but not limited to all local and server data.

What ever demo is provided is not available to the general public and protected by username and password.And transmitted with encrypted over the internet including data transmitted to server and from server.

What Do we want

Nothing , We wish every entity best, bright and secure future , we do not ask for any financial fervor. even if you want to provide we won’t take it.

We give legal guarantee that we will never disclose any details with any third party from our end.

Are we open for service ? NO

No , We are providing suggestions. But that does not mean we will work for you, unless you have specific recommendations from anyone close to us. If you have any recommendations then it will be free of cost (without any financial transaction ).

Even without recommendation you are likely to have Penetration Testing result , Audits / Assessments reports , Vulnerability Scans and Suggestions for Improvement data in your first email. And that’s all your IT team needs.

What kind of favor we accept

We request (which can be denied or ignored ) to provide appreciation letter. Usually organization are not likely to provide this on letterhead, if that is the case then we also accept recommendation letter.

We do not accept any kind of other favor in any way in any manner.If asked more than letter by anyone please inform us immediately at

General Android Privacy Policy

  • we do not collect , share or store any data in any way in any manner.
  • If you are using third party services like Google Play store or Android or Internet they might collect data please readout their privacy policy.
  • Any message sent through share button is your responsibility (Other then default message) .

Radio Eye See ( Global Retreat Center UK )

EyeSee Radio was created by the late Matthew Stephenson, a musician and resident of the Global Retreat Center from 1993 until his passing in February 2018. 

His aim was to provide continuous meditation music for meditators to access at any time. Matthew had a musical interest at an early age when he took up the piano and subsequently gravitated to learning other instruments.

He performed in many amateur groups with differing styles, and wrote songs to suit different genres. A switch in his musical repertoire came about after he took up meditation in 1995.

This influenced his approach to music, and his subsequent compositions, supporting a meditation practice, became available under the banner of EyeSee .

This app is tribute to late Matthew Stephenson