Terms and Condition – TC(CRS only)

By using our services you as client are agree to following things.

  • Devdatt S. Bhatt or Devdatt Bhatt or Devdatt means the the proprietor which provides streaming and other services.
  • Radio Station means the legal entity authorized and approved by the government of INDIA to transmit or stream voice over the airwaves and online streaming.
  • Terms and condition means this document which describes the condition which needed to follow by Radio Station to get the streaming and other services.
  • Radio Station are granting MR.DEVDATT S BHATT non-transferable and non-exclusive permission stream content over internet until written notice.
  • Radio Station have rights and responsibility over content transmitted and devdatt bhatt have rights and responsibility over streaming services and android application (content of steaming not included).
  • There will be no claims ,complaints or any obligation against Devdatt S. Bhatt or their employees, agents , partners , officers and affiliated companies from Radio station.
  • Feature and service request are processed carefully and warmly welcomed.
  • Only 5GB of server space(online songs storage space over server with auto dj software ) will be allocated to the Radio Station.
  • Bit rate of radio stream must be  64/- Kbps or lower or service will be terminated after notice.
  • We have all right to terminate our services at our will.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change anytime. we have right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice , It’s your responsibility to check from time to time.

Before moving foreword please check our test stream in web player and on public page

Or you can Listerine on public page https://stream.dbhatt.org/public/bharatmatakijay

Want to start online steaming please follow this link https://dbhatt.org/how-to-proceed/